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Continuing Development and Commitment to Customer Needs
The first NMP filter press was introduced to the markets in 1949. Since then NMP filter press has been a recoqnized leader in the indian markets.
The NMP product line is based on research and development and service to customers’ requirements, and, as a result, membrane filters can be supplied for a wide range of applications in the chemical process industries. These applications range from simple dewatering of effluents to multiple washing of pharmaceuticals under hygienic conditions with many applications in between with food based processing and corrosive processes as areas of specialization.
NMP membrane presses are available for chemical applications with plate sizes up to 2000 mm and operating pressure ranges of 10, 16 and 30 bar. All NMP membrane filter presses are capable of operating with partially filled filter chambers and the cake can still be squeezed during the compression (squeezing) step to produce the required level of cake moisture.
Filter Sizes
1200 x 1200, 1500 x 1500 and 2000 x 2000 mm plates are standard in both designs as are the 10, 16 and 30 Bar operating pressure ranges. Smaller or larger plate sizes are also available on request. Plates of 25, 40, 50 and 60 mm chamber depth are also standard for all sizes and models of the NMP membrane filter press, thus providing a comprehensive range of filters with filtration areas ranging from 41 – 1298 m2 and filtration fill volumes starting from 0.8 and going up to 15 m3 in a single machine.
Filter Options available on NMP Membrane Filter Press :
Automatic plate shifting
Explosion proof designs
Automatic discharge
Sanitary designs
Automatic cloth cleaning
Food grade designs
Light curtains
Corrosion resistant designs
Swivel plates    
NMP Membrane Filter Presses
The NMP membrane presses is used extensively in a large variety of industries due to its extremely rugged and well proven construction and its ease off use. It offers considerable advantages over conventional recessed chamber presse
High adaptability to unsteady product compositions.
Short filtration time, as the critical end phase of the filtration of chamber presses does not apply. This results in an increase in the specific filtration output – compared with recessed plate filter presses – leading to smaller filter presses and lower investment costs.
Uniform elutriation of the entire filter cake. As a result, both the required washing time and amount of washing liquid are drastically reduced.
Higher dry matter content in the filter cake as a result of the squeezing procedure, i.e. lower energy consumption in the event of subsequent drying.
Easier cake detachment and a more favourable self-activated emptying of the press.
The special design of membrane plate used in the NMP presses, combined with the design of the feed port makes the NMP side bar membrane press very reliable and eliminates many of the problems associated with alternative membrane press designs.
Plate filling problems are minimized and the use of a rubber membrane enables “empty-chamber” operation without damaging the plate, resulting in a considerable reduction in incidents of plate failure. Even if the chamber is not completely filled, the filter cake is squeezed by the inflating filter level and therefore perfectly dewatered.
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