Pioneer in filter press manufacturer & exporter for membrane filter press, automatic filter press, sludge dewatering filter press and filter press plate in India.
Business needs evaluated in order to maximize the return on investment over the long term.
Better life cycle cost control.
More value from the investment.
Improved safety.
Professional planning and scheduling of installation. High quality and speed of installation.
Trouble free and safe installation in line with the latest standards.
Accurate dimensions and alignments.
Smooth on-time transition to the commissioning phase.
Reduce overall maintenance and operation cost.
Maximum equipment uptime.
Maximum unpredicted breakdowns.
Reduced investments in own expertise.
Best maintenance and operating practices.
Natural transition from corrective maintenance to pro-active maintenance.
Optimized spare parts inventory.
Upgrade opportunities identified.
Safety of operation and maintenance.
OEM parts ensure reliable operations and the lowest operating cost.
Guaranteed parts availability.
Increased equipment life-time and up-time.
Fast and flexible delivery.
Guidance for optimum spare part selection.
Optimized on-site stock levels.
Trouble free and on-time commissioning of the investment.
Guidance and hands-on training for safe operation and maintenance.
Equipment performance optimized up to design parameters.
Reliable local point of contact through-out the entire lifetime of the equipment.
Never left alone-fast support by nominated customer support engineer.
Ensures awareness of all safety issues.
Promotes proper filter handling- improves production output and lifespan of the equipment.
Reduce costs by increasing competence levels.
Creates a better understanding of the Filter and Filtration process.
Improves the personnel’s productivity, motivation, competence and retention.
Implementation of globally approved best practices.
Improved equipment reliability and performance.
Increase production up-time.
Safety oriented work methods.
Improved capacity and quality.
Reduced production costs.
Minimum consumption of energy, water and chemicals.
Equipment adapted to process changes.
Improved safety.
Utilization of latest technical developments.
Improved Filter performance quality availability and capacity.
Extended equipment life-time.
Lower operating costs.
Higher capacity with Filter expansions and major equipment upgrades.
Original filter performance level restored or improved.
Lower maintenance costs.
Prolonged lifespan of the equipment.
Fast, easy and trouble free relocation with OEM refurbishment.
Fast resells with fair compensation for used equipment.
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